A. Garcia-Dominguez

Antonio Garcia-Dominguez

Aston University, Main Building
Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET

I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University since July 2016. My research interests are on software testing, model-driven engineering and novel methods for engineering education. As an Eclipse committer, I have been participating since 2011 in the Epsilon open-source project, and I lead the Hawk project. I am also the lead developer of the MuBPEL mutation testing tool for WS-BPEL, and assist in the development of the BPELUnit unit testing tool. I am Academic Supervisor in a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with FoldingSpace on the topic of large-scale unstructured document indexing, and with Kallik on structured label image processing.

I have an open PhD studentship position (until February 2022) on combining model-driven engineering and machine learning to extract knowledge from existing data integration pipelines, using it for modernisation towards stream-oriented approaches, and for accelerating the integrations of data sources. More information available here.

I am supervising the PhD theses of:

  • Maria del Carmen de Castro Cabrera: co-supervisor (with Dr. Inmaculada Medina-Bulo as lead supervisor), on the systematization of metamorphic testing.
  • Juan Marcelo Parra-Ullauri: lead supervisor (with Dr. Nelly Bencomo as co-supervisor), on explainability of self-adaptive systems.
  • Owen Reynolds: lead supervisor (with Dr. Nelly Bencomo as co-supervisor), on automated provenance collection in runtime models.

I have supervised these PhD theses to completion:

  • Clement Eke: co-supervisor (with Dr. Jort van Mourik as lead supervisor), on automated timetabling.

I was a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science of the University of York, working in the MONDO EU STREP project on scalable model-driven engineering, which achieved an Excellent rating on its final review. I coordinated the development of the MONDO integration platform and helped evolve the Hawk model indexer from a research prototype into a practical tool for end users. Hawk is now an Eclipse Incubation project.

I received my PhD degree in 2013 from the University of Cadiz (Spain) for my work on performance test design and generation for web service compositions.

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