Diego Resende Faria, Ph.D.
      Senior Lecturer, Aston University


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Dynamic Bayesian Mixture Model (DBMM) for Matlab:
Classification of Human Daily Activities performed on different datasets, ref. publications [jur3][17][19][20]
coming soon


Source Code 

SCamPol toolbox for Matlab: Calibration between Stereo Camera and Polhemus Liberty Motion Tracking System - See appendix B in my Ph.D. Thesis

re-projection of 3D points from tracker device frame of reference to image plane.


Probabilistic Daily Activity Recognition in ROS: Skeleton data from RGB-D (MS-Kinect), source code in python. More info at README

Code regarding the following publication:

- Mario Vieira, Diego R. Faria, Urbano Nunes, "Real-time Application for Monitoring Human Daily Activities and Risk Situations in Robot-assisted Living". Proceedings of Robot'15: 2nd Iberian Robotics Conference. Lisbon, Portugal 2015.