Virtual Human Breathing Relaxation System

Breathing relaxation based on entrainment by a Virtual Human

Real-time Breathing System for Virtual Characters

Novel control architecture that generates speech breathing in virtual characters

Architecture for Personality-based Nonverbal Behavior

An architecture for personality-based, nonverbal behavior in affective virtual humanoid characters Personality and Non-verbal in Virtual Humans

Reflexive behavior architecture

Architecture for the control of reflexive, pre-cognitive, and non-verbal behaviour in virtual humans.

Social-Spatial Behavior in Virtual Humans

In this project we develop a social navigation model that aims at generating human-like spatial behavior in a social setting with group dynamics.

Virtual Humans Control Simulink Toolbox

Simulink Toolbox that facilitates the construction of system for the real-time control of virtual humans

Personality as reaction to stimulus in the environment

We investigate the patterns of affective responses as an indicators of personality in virtual characters

m+m Middleware

m+m is a middleware for building interactive, real-time, distributed systems

Large-scale Neuronal Systems Simulator "iqr"

iqr is a simulator for large-scale neuronal systems that can be interfaced to robots and other hardware.

XIM: eXperience Induction Machine

The eXperience Induction Machine (XIM) is an advanced mixed-reality space used for reseach on human cognition, human-computer interaction, and autonomous intelligent systems.