As a result of increasing demand from industry for our Computing students and graduates, we have decided to launch an exclusive partnership program for a select group of approximately 20 companies. Limiting numbers allows us to offer each business enhanced opportunities to identify and work with our best and most appropriate students and academics. This value-added service complements the work of our Careers Service who will continue to provide their range of award winning services to all organisations.

Tailored service

A bespoke offering for each company will help to raise their profile from the very start of a student’s life at Aston all the way through to graduate recruitment. This could include a range of activities:

  • Targeted initiatives such as insight days and summer placements for first and second year students
  • Guest lecturing opportunities
  • Brand building opportunities such as student prizes, riasing your profile with the best students
  • Employer and student matching events for both placement and graduate recruitment roles
  • Tailored support to help companies establish final year projects with suitable students
  • Exclusive attendance at existing Computer Science events including: first year Student Software Portfolio Competition, second year Project Demo and presentation day, and final year Open Demo where students present their major project
  • Priority involvement in student-organised events such as the Hackathons
  • Direct communication through the department with students for any company events and initiatives