• Apr 2021   Dr. Nelly Bencomo presented partial results at the Digital Engineering workshop on 28th April, 2021, held at Aston University. Many Industry members and the wider community attended.
  • Mar 2021  Congratulations to Huma Samin, Cesar M. Carranza Hurtado, Luis H. Garcia Paucar, Nelly Bencomo and Erik Fredericks. Our artefact RDMSim: An Exemplar for Evaluation and Comparison of Decision-Making Techniques for Self-Adaptation , has been accepted at the 16th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, SEAMS 2021.
  • Jan 2021  More Twenty20Insight research to be shared: our paper Investigating the potential impact of values on requirements and software engineering , Alistair Sutcliffe, Pete Sawyer, Wei Liu and Nelly Bencomo, has been accepted at the Track Software Engineering in Society (SEIS) in the 43rd International Conference in Software Engineering (ICSE 2021), Madrid, Spain ICSE SEIS 2021.